Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bus Bouncin'

When me go somewhere, me drives with Berry in her car. Me already talked about other ways of travelling. The subway - me told about it yesterday - the train, or boat, and now it is time for the bus.

In America there is the Greyhoundbus, and offcourse the schoolbus. In Holland there is also the citybus, that drives around town, taking you where you wanna go. And a bus that takes you from city to city - like the Greyhound, but Holland is smaller so...

When me go to shop with Berry in the city, me always travel by bus. Also we travel by citybus to go to the railroadstation, or to FC Utrecht. On game-days it is free! Me like the bus. There are much windows to look outside, and it is all above ground. The only thing me no not like is the bridge, right before the city. It is a short, bumpy bridge which makes me stomach come up. But it is a short bridge... so.

And then there is the Tourbus. Well... it isn't exactly a tourbus... but it is used for holidaytrips (to destinations in Europe) or for trips inside Holland to travel with more luxe. Me like it. Me went in it a lot of times.

The picture was taking on the same day as the Canal Cruisin' trip. It was Berries grandpa's 80th birthday, and we traveled all day with this big, well, tourbus. It was loads of fun! The benches where very comfortable, and soft. And me could see all the cars riding by below me, cause me sat much higher... on Berries bag offcourse.

And the best bit of riding in a bus is that you don't have to drive yourself. Just sit down, relax, enjoy the view, and you don't have to find a parking space!

Well, byebye for now! Me will tell you next wednesday something that is called De Elfstedentocht. Me will give one hint: people in the Netherlands are talking about it now it has gotten much colder!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On the Subway

Me know the Subway, where you can eat delicious sandwiches, but today me no go there. Me went with Berry to Rotterdam for her work and me took a ride on the subway with her.

Made me think of Sesame Street song... Me no sing it on the Subway... but maybe hummed a little. It goes like this:


Old Lady: Excuse Me.
Hip Dude: Watch it, lady!
Old Lady: Pardon me, sonny!

Hip Dude: Down below the street
Can you dig the steady beat?
It's the subway
All: Subway!

Bert: Moving right along
Hear the rhythm loud and strong
It's the subway
All: Subway!

Man With Mustache: 'Cause there isn't any room in this town
Old lady: They put all the trains down under the ground
Cop: Buy a token now
For a ride that's super-wow
On the subway
All: Subway!

All: (talking at once)
Bert: Uh, excuse me...
Lady in Fur: You should say you're sorry!
Bert: Hi, Kermit.

Man With Mustache: Squeeze inside the door
Little Boy: There's no room for any more
Both: On the subway
All: Subway!

Hip Dude: Hang onto the strap
Lady: Wonder where they hid the map?
Both: On the subway
All: Subway!

Prairie Dawn: If you’re in a hurry take the express
Kermit: It will go right by your local address
Red-Haired Man With Mustache: Swaying to and fro
It's the only way to go
On the subway

All: Subway!

Ohhhhh ...
Kermit: My stop just went by
All: Ohhhhh ...
Prairie Dawn: Hey, your thumb’s in my eye
All: Ohhhhh ...
Hip Dude: It’s so hot, I could die
All: Anyway, everyway, anywhere

Bert: Packed inside a train
It’s too crowded to complain
On the subway
All: Subway!
Old Woman: You could lose your purse
Or you might lose something worse
On the subway
All: Subway!

Hip guy: It’s the biggest travel bargain in town
Yet Another Woman: The longest running show underground
Man With Mustache: Come on, slip inside
You'll get taken for a ride
On the subway

Kermit: Where's that?
All: On the subway!

Prairie Dawn: If you’re in a hurry, take the express
Kermit: It will go right by your local address
All: Buy a token now
For a ride that’s super-wow
On the subway!
On the subway!
On the subway!
On the subway!
On the subway!
Ohhhh ...

Friday, January 20, 2006

When Berry goes swimmin'

Me no like to swim.
Me will get all wet.
And me think monsters are not allowed to swim at the pool.

So, what do cute, furry, little monsters do when Berry goes swimmin'?
Exactly, waiting in the locker till she get back!

Luckily Berry left bunch of cookies...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Train Travellin'

Me always travel by car. Because, me always rides along with Berry in her Bug. Me is a bit a spoiled little monster. But hey, me always am piggybackriding anyways... so.

Well, sometimes me travel differently. Sometimes me travel by bus (me will talk about that some other time). But every once in a while me travel by train!

The trains in Holland are yellow on the outside and there are many different trains. Like doubletrains, like the famous doublebus in London, with two floors. And you have old trains with hard benches. And new trains with soft benches. You have orange benches, blue ones, purple ones and green ones.

And you have different kinds of speeds. So you have a stoptrain, which stops at every station along the way. And there is an Interliner, which stops at big stations. And offcourse the fasttrain, which stops at big and smaller stations, but not all the stations that are in between. And then there is the train that travels abroad. Me never ride on one of those before...

When me travels by train me usually is going somewhere special. Like the zoo in Amersfoort last summer, or the Gamefair in Eindhoven last fall. It is fun to sit in the train then. Me can watch outside and me sees cows and meadows and lots of water and trees. And sometimes when the train passes a city, me can see the houses and children playing in the streets or riding their bikes.

Yes, travelling by train is fun. Well most of the times. As long as you are not waiting outside in the cold on a station for the train to come. In the Netherlands people like to complain about the trainschedule. That the train is always late. Well, most trains are late. Or are having delays. But those things can happen. When you need the train for fun, it doesn't matter if its late or not. Cause you are going to do something fun and you have all the time in the world.

But sometimes travelling by train is not so fun. If you go to work by train, you want it to ride on time, without delay. Last thursday, me went by train cause Berries Bug is at the garage, to Almere Haven, the city where Berry works. It was a around-the-world-trip! First me went on the bus, that was nice, me like the bus. Then me went into the train. It wasn't so crowded in the train, but me and Berry choose a seat on the balcony of the train. The train should have been riding away at 7.46, but me got on the train at 7.52. It was delayed. So we had an earlier train, that was arriving in Almere Centrum at the same time as the train that would have gone to Almere Centrum 45 minutes later... hmmm.

And because it was dark outside and the lights were on inside... me couldn't see much outside of the train. Well, me could see me. And that is also pretty, now isn't it? Well Berry thought so and she pulled her cellphone out to take a picture!

A bit of a Spooky Cookie....

Well, although the train was riding slow and we got to Berries work at half past nine, me liked the ride. But me hope me can sit warm and cosey in Berries bug soon. Cause then we both can listen to the radio!

Bye bye for now! See you at me next Cookie Report.

Monday, January 16, 2006

"C' is for Cookie

Hi Everybody.
Today me want to share a song with you!
Most of you know the words to this beautiful song.
It is called "C" is for Cookie and it is me favorite song!

Do you want to sing along with me? It is very easy, and you know what, you will learn more about the letter "C" and about cookies! How 'bout that.

"C" Is For Cookie

[Now what starts with the letter C?
Cookie starts with C
Let's think of other things
That starts with C
Oh, who cares about the other things?]

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

[Hey you know what?
A round cookie with one bite out of it looks like a C
A round donut with one bite out of it also looks like a C
But it is not as good as a cookie
Oh and the moon sometimes looks like a C, but you can't eat that, so ... ]

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me, yeah!
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C, yeah!
Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C, oh boy!
Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!

(Cookie Monster eats the cookie): Umm-umm-umm-umm-umm

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Canal Cruisin'

A while ago, it was in October, me went canal cruisin' through the Utrecht Canals. Me liked it very much. Why? Because you go sit in a big boat called a 'rondvaartboot' with glass all around so you can look outside. And what a view me had! Me could see the Dom, a big tower in Utrecht, and loads of water, cause we where in a boat... and the warfs. That are basements at the waterside. The lady who was directing the tour told us all that, and more!

Utrecht is an old city where Berry lives. The city has a network of canals, that were used as defence and cityborders during the Roman time and all through the Middle Ages. It was nice to learn so much of a city! Especially cause the city is special.

Me was awed! Me saw beautiful statues and buildings. And carvings in the walls of professions. You know, like the butchers, blacksmiths and... offcourse... bakers!

Me thought the old bakery at the waterside was the most beautiful building from the tour... But hey, me just likes Cookies. Unfortunately the bakery was closed for centuries... Me didn't mind if they had old cookies. Cause Berries mum used to say: an old cookie is also a cookie. But there weren't any. So Berry bought me some later instead.

During the canal cruise me learned a lot about the old city me visits a lot on Berries back, so, me liked it very much. Me was so awed, Henk had to pull my paw out of my mouth...

Bye bye for now!

Monday, January 09, 2006

To the movies - 2

Yesterday, me went with Berry and her sister-in-law Wilma to The Chronicles of Narnia. It was a beautiful movie. Me was a bit scared sometimes, cause it was a bit scary to watch the big fight at the end! Me loved the movie very much.

This time me didn't eat popcorn. But that wasn't so bad... me was to distracted by the movie! If you haven't seen it, me can recommend it. But be sure you can handle all the excitement and the action. And ofcourse, the scary bits, with the witch and all... If you are easily frightenend, me suggest you wait for the dvd!

Bye bye for now! Wednesday me will talk about the canals in Utrecht and how you can visit them by boat!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years Eve

Saturday it was New Years Eve. Me went to Little Henk, Henk and Wilma, with Berry, Daddy, Bassie and Molly. Me thought it was marvelous to celebrate the New Year. First me watched Idols, and after that Dancing with the Stars. And when the clock striked twelve me got a lot of kisses and a glass of champagne. Luckily me didn't have to drive!

After that, me watched some beautiful fireworks, me, dad and Berry had bought the day before. It was fantastic. And me was a tired little monster afterwards, because me got to stay up so late! Cause after the fireworks, me went with Berry and dad to grandma in the hospice in Vleuten to give her all our best wishes for the new year. Me got all warm and fuzzy inside... >sigh<.

But, the best thing of the evening were the Oliebollen. Oliebollen are genuine Dutch traditionfood for New Years Eve. It is hard to explain what oliebollen are exactly, but me will try. Oliebollen are thanking there names to the way they are prepared and the way they look. Olie means oil in Dutch. Oliebollen are fried in sunfloweroil, just like french fries or fried fish. The second half of the name is bollen wich means balls. The oliebollen are made of dough (like doughnut, but a doughnut doesn't taste as great, believe me!) and the balls are scooped out of the dough, like chocolate chip icecream, and putted in the oil to fry well done.

The dough can be plain, or filled with pieces of apple and yummy raisins. In old-fashioned oliebollen people will put sucade, a sugery green fruit thing. But not everyone likes that. Me likes the warm, soft raisins and apples! Sometimes the plain oliebol is filled with pudding, then it is called a Berliner Bol, wich makes me think it is something German. Sometimes there is different fruit inside the bol, like banana or cherries. Sometimes people put liquor in the oliebollen, or chocolate or pears. The last too things are very delicious too!

Me have eatin a lot of oliebollen on New Years Eve and on New Years Day too... me liked it very much. Especially with powdered sugar on top of it!

Byebye for now!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Years!

Hi everybody!
It's me CookieMonster wishing all of you a very Happy New Years! May 2006 be the best year ever!

Me new years resolution? Simple: enjoy all the cookies me can eat! And offcourse, write about all nice things on my website.

Bye bye for now! And o, Me will still talk about a nice Dutch tradition called Oliebollen eten next wednesday. So don't you miss it!

Love & all the best wishes of the world, Cookie Monster