Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bus Bouncin'

When me go somewhere, me drives with Berry in her car. Me already talked about other ways of travelling. The subway - me told about it yesterday - the train, or boat, and now it is time for the bus.

In America there is the Greyhoundbus, and offcourse the schoolbus. In Holland there is also the citybus, that drives around town, taking you where you wanna go. And a bus that takes you from city to city - like the Greyhound, but Holland is smaller so...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

On the Subway

Me know the Subway, where you can eat delicious sandwiches, but today me no go there. Me went with Berry to Rotterdam for her work and me took a ride on the subway with her.

Made me think of Sesame Street song... Me no sing it on the Subway... but maybe hummed a little. It goes like this:

Friday, January 20, 2006

When Berry goes swimmin'

Me no like to swim.
Me will get all wet.
And me think monsters are not allowed to swim at the pool.

So, what do cute, furry, little monsters do when Berry goes swimmin'?
Exactly, waiting in the locker till she get back!

Luckily Berry left bunch of cookies...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Train Travellin'

Me always travel by car. Because, me always rides along with Berry in her Bug. Me is a bit a spoiled little monster. But hey, me always am piggybackriding anyways... so.

Well, sometimes me travel differently. Sometimes me travel by bus (me will talk about that some other time). But every once in a while me travel by train!

The trains in Holland are yellow on the outside and there are many different trains. Like doubletrains, like the famous doublebus in London, with two floors. And you have old trains with hard benches. And new trains with soft benches. You have orange benches, blue ones, purple ones and green ones.

Monday, January 16, 2006

"C' is for Cookie

Hi Everybody.
Today me want to share a song with you!
Most of you know the words to this beautiful song.
It is called "C" is for Cookie and it is me favorite song!

Do you want to sing along with me? It is very easy, and you know what, you will learn more about the letter "C" and about cookies! How 'bout that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Canal Cruisin'

A while ago, it was in October, me went canal cruisin' through the Utrecht Canals. Me liked it very much. Why? Because you go sit in a big boat called a 'rondvaartboot' with glass all around so you can look outside. And what a view me had! Me could see the Dom, a big tower in Utrecht, and loads of water, cause we where in a boat... and the warfs. That are basements at the waterside. The lady who was directing the tour told us all that, and more!

Monday, January 09, 2006

To the movies - 2

Yesterday, me went with Berry and her sister-in-law Wilma to The Chronicles of Narnia. It was a beautiful movie. Me was a bit scared sometimes, cause it was a bit scary to watch the big fight at the end! Me loved the movie very much.

This time me didn't eat popcorn. But that wasn't so bad... me was to distracted by the movie! If you haven't seen it, me can recommend it. But be sure you can handle all the excitement and the action. And ofcourse, the scary bits, with the witch and all... If you are easily frightenend, me suggest you wait for the dvd!

Bye bye for now! Wednesday me will talk about the canals in Utrecht and how you can visit them by boat!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Years Eve

Saturday it was New Years Eve. Me went to Little Henk, Henk and Wilma, with Berry, Daddy, Bassie and Molly. Me thought it was marvelous to celebrate the New Year. First me watched Idols, and after that Dancing with the Stars. And when the clock striked twelve me got a lot of kisses and a glass of champagne. Luckily me didn't have to drive!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Years!

Hi everybody!
It's me CookieMonster wishing all of you a very Happy New Years! May 2006 be the best year ever!

Me new years resolution? Simple: enjoy all the cookies me can eat! And offcourse, write about all nice things on my website.

Bye bye for now! And o, Me will still talk about a nice Dutch tradition called Oliebollen eten next wednesday. So don't you miss it!

Love & all the best wishes of the world, Cookie Monster