Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ease on down the road


Ease on down, ease on down the road...

Cookie just got back from a great show! Me went to see THE WIZ at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, with Berry ofcourse. It was spectacular! Me clapped me little fuzzy paws totally blue and me was swinging and singing... It was great.

It was the first time me went to see a musical with Berry alone. So me was a bit nervous. What if she eat all the cookies... but me was worried about nothing, me eat all the cookies. We had loads of fun, luckily me brought some handkerchiefs, cause some songs were really beautiful! And the leading lady was really really great! She is very little but has a very big voice!

Me had great seat. Well, actually Berry had a great seat, just 5 rows from the stage, at the aisle, in the middle. So me could see everything extra googly from Berries lap. But me could sit in her seat just for the picture!

Ah... me liked it just very much. It was the Dutch version of the movie from 1978, mixed with all bits and pieces of the story told by The Muppets, Disney and the original version with Judy Garland... So, it was the basic story, with loads of Motown songs and modern influences, but with an original storyline. Me liked it.

Maybe, if me is really sweet, me can go again...