Friday, March 21, 2014

Dutch Delicious Cookie

Hello everybody. It has been a while since me talked about the most important stuff in the world: cookies! One of the most delicious Dutch cookies is the Stroopwafel, translated it is called a Syrupwaffle. It is made with a really thin crunchy waffle. The dough for this waffle is baked on a special waffle iron. After baking, while it is still warm it is sliced in two halfs and the baker puts some delicious thick syrup - like molasses - between the two slices and than 'glues' them back together. And it is YUM-MY! Its really sweet and crunchy at the same time. You can buy Stroopwafels in packages of 10, but they are most delicious when they are freshly made at a booth. But be careful: they can be still very warm.

Om nom nom!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Road trip: The Olmense Zoo

If you paid attention to me Instagram website you have seen that me - Cookie Monster - went on a special road trip last Sunday March 9. And let me tell you how special! Me went on a roadtrip to Belgium. You know, the country where they have such good waffels (well, they HAD... Me is sure they have to bake more after my road trip). But all cookies aside... Me went to the Olmense Zoo with Berry and her Zoo-loving friends. Full car, lots of laughter, but they all got silenced by the things we have seen.

Let me start by telling you the sun was shining and all the cats (lions, white lions, baby lions, tigers, white tigers, baby tigers, pumas, leopards, there were so many cats) were sleeping in the sun. There were playful monkeys, African elephants, a gorgeous Tabby Tiger (me tweeted about him this week), a funny looking fox, wolves (white ones) and bears... and many many birds. Me was awed and had to take a rest at the waterwell - also for a sip of water - because me have seen so much with me googly eyes, me do not even know where to start... well... luckily Berry took too many pictures (which some of them will feature on her website sometime soon) so me can sit back, enjoy tall glass of cold milk and a stack of cookies to relive it all again... It was amazing...