Thursday, April 29, 2010

Queensday... again!

Here is Cookie with a new report.
Tomorrow in the Netherlands we will be celebrating Queensday again.

Queensday is the day - like when a Dutch sportsman or -girl of national sportsteam is playing - people dress up totally in Orange. Orange is the Dutch Royal colour. Some others will add some colours from the Dutch flag - red, white and blue - by painting flags on their cheeks.

At this day, we celebrate the birthday of the Queen. Queen Beatrix is born in January, so... it is a little late to celebrate it in April. Yes, me can hear you thinking all through the computer and Internet network. Actually Queen Beatrix decided to stick with the 30th of April when she became Queen, to honor her mothers birthday. This was Queen Juliana, who has passed away some years ago...

Anyhow... this is the day people go celebrating in the streets. This evening the Vrijmarkt - freemarket - in Utrecht already started and the party is starting in Rotterdam and Den Haag - The Hague - too. It is called Queensnight - Koninginnenacht - and you can party all night long. At the Vrijmarkt you can buy used stuff from other people.

It is a fun party. During the morning the Queen and her family will visit two towns in the Netherlands by foot. Sometimes they play along with the children. It is really fun to watch. So me will be doing that again tomorrow on television. And offcourse, me will be dressed up in Orange!

Have a nice Koninginnedag.
Byebye for now.

CookieMonsters must do's on Queensday in the Netherlands:
- Wear something orange
- Do this so anyone can see it
- Paint Dutch flags on your cheeks, or paint your nails red, white, blue and orange (twice).
- Wear some funny outfits, hats or shoes... orange coloured ofcourse
- Say Long live the Queen, hurra, hurra, hurra (Lang leve de Koningin, hoezee, hoezee, hoezee...)
- Drink Orangebitter (oranjebitter), when you don't drink alcohol, only drink orange soda or orange juice... Orange tea poured in an orange glass is okay too...
- Eat oranges, carrots, orange lollipops, orange cakes (oranje tompoucen) or other food that is orange.
- Have loads of fun and party in the streets with total strangers or with friends and family
- Watch the royal family on television

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snack time?

Sometimes Cookie has to talk about the things that matter in life. Like politics, or global warming, or why Berry ate me last cookie... that sort of things. And sometimes Cookie just have to sit down, relax, eat his cookie, drink some milk and do not wonder why that dolphin in the background is grinding his teeth while he is looking at me...

... well... me can't help it, me is looking just delicious!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunset & Vulcanic Ashes

Due to volcanic ashes from the volcano in Iceland we could see a magnificent sunset in the Netherlands on 15th april. So Cookie jumped into the car with Berry, her dog Bassie and her dad to race into the fields to make a really cool Cookie Report!
The sun was setting the sky on fire, while the ashcloud bounced the light right back! It was truly spectacular! Cookie reported live from the castle of Haarzuilen. It looked like a fairytale castle. Maybe we could use it as a decor for Monsterpiece theatre?

Well. Enjoy the pictures! Me loves them... but not as much as cookies ;-)