Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cookie @ Work

Everyday, me go with Berry to her job. She is the chief editor of a professional magazine. She writes articles, helps with the website, makes sure everything is in its place when published.

It is fun. Me sits on the ground most of times, reading magazines and stuff. Sometimes me eat cookies or crackers. And when me is a good monster... me can sit in her chair and pretend to be the chief editor.

Although... me writing articles wouldn't be such a good idea... Me would write a lot about cookies.

One time Berry wrote about me in the magazine! That was really cool. It is in Dutch, but the picture says all, now doesn't it!

Me like to go along with Berry everyday. Sometimes we go for a walk when Berry has a break. That is nice too. Me is very proud to hop along! But it makes a small monster tired too! So byebye for now, until me next report!

1 comment:

Keevie & Ik said...

You know, it is the first issue Cookie didn't ate after he finished reading it!


Love, Me