Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Eating pancakes

Last year, at the last month of the Dolfinarium season, Berry went to say goodbye to the Dolphins in Harderwijk for the winter and wishing them some great holidays and beautiful fireworks. Me tagged along, offcourse! Berry never goes to the dolphins without her trusty companion. Yes, me! After walking in the cold, we went for some hot chocolate and pancakes. We choose one with tomatoes and cheese. It was delicious!

Yes, in the Netherlands pancakes are very common too. Not like in the States, as a breakfastproduct. In the Netherlands the pancakes are thinner and bigger. You can eat them plain with syrup, fruity marmalade or sugar. But most Dutch like the sweet pancake combined with something salty, like bacon, or cheese. Or things you normally would see on top of your pizza. A lot of things are baked with the pancakedough in the pan. Not only salty-stuff. Also sweet foods, like apples, bananas, cherries, strawberries and raisins. Every kind of fruit combines with a pancake! Sometimes you can choose for icecream or whipped cream on the side. It is delicious.

As me said: we took a salty one with crispy cheese and sweet tomatoes. It was nice! Next time we will take a banana and chocolatesauce pancake. It is very mighty, but it tastes great!

Or me order one with chocolate chip cookies... mjam...

Bye bye for now!


morcaradhras said...

hey cookie monster tell me ¿what's your favorite kind of cookie?

i like oreo!

Cookie Monster said...

Me LOVE loads and loads and loads and loads and loads... of Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

But oreo's are okay to!

Love, CookieMonster