Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Finally! Winter has come! Well, to the Netherlands that is. Today actually meterological Spring has begun... and in the Netherlands it is snowing. Just like last year.

Me like snow! It is white and soft and cold. Me can eat it when me is hungry and thirsty. Me like to walk outside, open me mouth and let the snow snow in! It is nice.

Because me didn't want to pose in the snow, me let Berry take picture in the window. You can see the snow outside of Berries office and me googly eyes in front of it. The picture is a bit dark... but you know what me is talkin' about!

Anyways. In the Netherlands they always dream of a white Christmas. They always wish for snow... and frozen lakes to skate on. But mostly, when everybody is tired of the winter, the real winter starts. It is beautiful! Me like it very much. Too bad it didn't last long today...

PS: Talking about wishful thinking! After a full afternoon of sunshine, the snow came down again, and again, and again... Berry & Keevie drove 30 kilometers per hour on the highway (!) to get home. Well... me just sat warm and comfy, wiping the windows, counting snowflakes... Me heard some thunder too. Maybe The Count was counting snowflakes too. Or, maybe, traffic jams. Ah well. It is a fairytale outside. And you know what is so nice? For every season, just is a reason, for eating cookie!!!! Mjam... just give me cinnamoncovered ones and a glass of tea...

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