Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Under the Sea

Last Friday me went with Berry and Keevie to Harderwijk to visit our Sea Friends. During the ride to Harderwijk me was awed with the view! In the Netherlands snow isn't that usual, and now the whole world was white! The fields, the roads, the trees... it was beautiful.

So was the Dolfinarium: everything was covered with snow. You can see some of those pictures on Keevie & Ik. Some animals liked the cold, snowy atmosphere. The sealions from Siberia were even sunbathing! The little seals not, they wanted to stay in the warmer water. One was playing with a rock though... And the sharks and rays were swimming in warmed water. That is necessary, because the water isn't deep and it can't be frozen.

Me went to the DolphinShow to. It was magnificent! Yes, Cookie knows some difficult words too. Me was sitting on Berries bag and me got splashed ALL wet by a beautiful salto of a Dolphin. Me did not mind. Me thought the Dolphins were great! Me clapped so hard me paws hurt!

Me liked it best downstairs. There you can watch the Dolphins swim under water and also the Walrusses. But me like the Dolphins. They are always so curious and friendly. Me wanted a picture taken in front of the window, hoping a Dolphin would swim past.

If you look closely, you can see a mother and her calf swim in the background. Me was so happy, but Berry told me to stay put, hoping a Dolphin would swim past the window.

And you know what! That happened. This little Dolphin came by the window. Me was even happier. Me thought the Dolphin would swim past, but no. He made a sharp turn at the end of the window and...

...came back to look at me!!!
It was so wonderful! He came back to greet me. Me even got a hug through the window.

And this is the last picture. It was too bad Berries film was full, because the Dolphin also curled around me to look at me again. And then he was gone and Berry and me decided this must be the best moment of the day!

So me made a new friend that day. Berry saw her own friend later, standing at the lake, big Beachie is hard to miss!

And that was the end of a wonderful, snowy day with beautiful animals... Ah, me can talk for hours about the Dolfinarium, but me won't. Cause then me have no other reports to write!

Hopefully my next report will be the first in a series about Dutch treats. But you never know... maybe me has to postpone it again!

Byebye for now.

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