Wednesday, December 28, 2005

At the Indoor Winterfair

Hello. Here is me again. Me have been away a few days, cause me have been on two Indoor Winterfairs the last two weekends.

It was great fun. Me really liked to be a salesperson. The fairs were in Capelle aan de IJssel and in Zwijndrecht. Two lovely little towns in the neighbourhood of Rotterdam. But that isn't important.

What is important is the merchandise me, Berry and Henk - her brother - was selling. We had a booth full of UkiUkies, lovely little dragons, sometimes falsely mistaken for monkeys, but they are cute and cuddly dragons. But actually they are just UkiUkies.

Me at the Winterfair of Capelle aan de IJssel

Well, me went three days to Capelle first. It was fun. Me never had seen so many people walking by in three days! But they didn't just walk by, they stopped too to buy some UkiUkies. At night the hallway where we were situated became really cold... so that was a little less fun.

The next week me went to Zwijndrecht. We had to evenings called 'koopavond', when all the shops in the mall are open for late hours. In Capelle we only had one of those and a sunday. But that was just four hours... In Zwijndrecht we had a very good space, just next to the moneybox and the liquorshop. And on the opposite there was an Intertoys, a toy store. Me have seen even more people there then in Capelle. And the business was great too. Me had real big fun. Especially the last day. There was a big snowman and a Santa Claus playing the accordeon.

The snowman was actually a man in a big snowman suit. Berry said, that it was Frosty the Snowman, but when Henk said he must be frying in the suit, Berry reacted with: well, than it has to be Tosti the Snowman. Me thought it was a funny joke.

Me at the Winterfair of Zwijndrecht

Well, me had great time. Me was very tired at the end of every day. But hey, that is okay. It was fun, me had great time! Buying presents, wrapping presents and offcourse: eating cookies!

Byebye for now.

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