Monday, January 22, 2007

Dutch Winters ~ part 2

O my o my! Dutch winters can be stormy! Me fur all got mixed up and the trees are lying down on the ground!

It has been a stormy week last week, but... thursday was the stormiest! Me no even could go outside without being blown away! Today the sun is shining, but last thursday it was raining and raining. And the wind was blowing and blowing.

Luckily Berry was working at home that day - a very good decision, made the week before - so me no had to go out. Well me had to go out once to do some grocery shopping, but that was all. Berry could have used me as a kite! That hard the wind was blowing!

The storm was hard on the whole of the country. Trains could no longer ride, because of trees that were stuk on the track. And people got stranded. Like Berries dad could no get out of Woerden. And Wilma too. So Henk asked Berry and me to take care of Henkje and he went to Woerden to pick up Dad and Wilma from the trainstation there. It was kinda fun, but there were loads of people who had to spend the night on army beds in gyms.

Well... everybody returned around 6.30, so we could eat. Too bad me forgotten to go out and take some pictures...

Luckily friday the storm calmed down. Now we are hoping for snow. The weatherpeople are saying it will be here soon... me just gonna wait and see!

Byebye for now!

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Keeive said...

Dutch Winters sure can be tricky! But this week it was nice and warm and sunny, when you kept in the sun that is!

Love, Me