Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Killer Whale

O no!
What is happening with me?
Is me eaten by a killer whale? Or orka as they like to call this magnificent seamammel in Dutch.
Is me really no more writing little stories on my website?
Is me really eaten like a teabiscuit?

Well... no... it was a practical joke of Berry and her brother - me thought friends did no do such things with eachother but she was tempted by Henk. We were at the Dolfinarium last Monday with Berries sister-in-law and Little Henkje. It was loads of fun. Even while me was hanging upside down in the mouth of a killer whale.

Luckily me is too fuzzy, blue and cute to be eaten like cookie... so every wise killer whale would spit me out!


Anonymous said...

looks like ur english is a little off the tune...but nice picture...

CookieMonster said...

Too bad you post anonymous.
Berry moderated the picture.
And hey, me like talking like this.
Cookie never said me talked english very well...

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