Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dolfinarium 17-2

A while back, me went to this seasons opening of the Dolfinarium. It was on the 17th of February. Me was thrilled to go again, with Berry, because we no have been there for quite some time! Me wanted to see all the lovely dolphins again, so me went downstairs with Berry to look at our friends under the water.

Kite came almost immediately to play. So did Beachie and Skinny. But Kite stayed the longest. Trying to hug me, blowing bubbles, chasing them, looking at me, trying to get petted through the glass. Luckily me had me camera with me, so me could take some lovely pictures. Berry took this one with her digital camera.

Later me went to the seals. There was a little one, just 6 days old, called Amy. She was pretty, fuzzy and white! Me wanted to hug her, but her mom Caroline, probably no would agree... so me just looked at her from the side. It was beautiful.

Me could pet the sharks! One little one was very cuddly and he wanted to be petted so much, he just put his nose above the water to look at me. Well... me hoped he was just interested in being petted... and not in biting me fuzzy and blue paw!

It was a lovely day... hopefully me will go to the Dolfinarium often again this year. Well... Berry will be going often... me just has to tag along!

Buhbye for now.

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