Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Have me told about… Afrika Museum?

Have you seen me new profile picture on me Facebook page? Me is also put it here so no worries if you missed it (do not be shy and gimme a follow on either Facebook or Instagram so you get the good stuff first). Me is sitting here in front of all kinds of gorgeous, old and traditional instruments. It was quite the shot to take, me sat on the railing of the balcony, because the instruments were hanging from the ceiling. Where it was, you ask? Well, it was at the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal, the Netherlands. Berry went there for her blog and me – of course – tagged along! And me is so glad me did. So… Have me told about Afrika Museum?

December 9th 2015
It was a nice December day with loads of sun when me and Berry went on a roadtrip to Berg and Dal. We found the museum in a forest next to the town. It was gorgeous. Berry needed to be there to write about the exhibit Rhythm and Roots at the museum. It was a nice exhibit about music! Well you know me love music. Especially with a nice beat. The exhibit tells the story of how African people and African music influenced modern North-American or Western music and the other way round. So we listened to BB King and the New Cool Collective. We listened to Afrobeat and Juju music. And… to Elvis Presley and James Brown. That was so awesome. Me was all Fanmonstering. Because there was a guitar of Chubby Checker and… a leather jacket of Elvis. Cool huh.

All about Africa
The rest of the museum is dedicated to African art and especially African people. It was so nice to see all the beautiful art and artlike combs and other objects. Outside the museum in the park there are 5 little villages with different kinds of houses, giving you a peek at life at an authentic African village. Me liked that. There were even chickens walking about. At the winter time the huts are closed, because the artifacts in them are brought inside to protect them against the cold. Maybe me will go back some day when the villages are open for the public too.

Well… that was all about the Afrika Museum. Me sure do love art! See you next time at a new ‘Have me told about…?’. Bye bye for now.

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