Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Me new friend: Texel

Hi everybody. Me know! Me haven’t been writing much lately. That because me is having too much fun with all me new friends on me Instagram account, but also because Berry has been hoarding the laptop. She is a very sweet friend and all – she knits the best sweaters – but she has been busy with work so me could not get any computer time. And ofcourse it has been a very busy November. Me planning to write more this month though. Starting off with a story about me new friend Texel.

Texel is a little grey baby seal. Berry adopted him after our visit at Ecomare last November. You see, me, Berry, her dad and me little puppy friend Sammie decided to go to the island Texel again. We went last June for summer vacation, but it is a nice island so we went again for some quality ‘uitwaaien’, as the Dutch say. Literally it means ‘blowing out’, but is means something like clearing your mind because the wind will take all your thoughts… We went for a long weekend, starting on Thursday and going home on Monday. On Friday November 13th we visited Den Burg and after that Berries dad dropped me and Berry off at Ecomare.

Me love Ecomare. It was really quiet that day, because it was off vacation season and the weather was very very windy (me fur got all messed up that day for sure!). So we visited the seals at the tanks. Me posed with one that was very sleepy. It looks hard to sleep under water though. Me posed with the seal statues – because that is a lot of fun – and after that we looked in some other habitats. One was filled with 5 little youngsters. You could tell that they were curious and getting their strength back. The 5 little ones had been stranded and now the people of Ecomare nurtured them back to health. Almost ready to go back to the Waddensea. Me really loved them. They were soooo cute! Me is proud of the people who work there. They do a great job.

So after coffee and a lovely cookie for me, we decided to help Ecomare out and adopted a cute little seal from the shop. Berry said me could name him, so me named me new friend Texel, because that is the island we ‘found’ him. He is really soft and cuddly and he loved his name too. Cute huh.

Little seals in the quarantine section of Ecomare. Thanks to the shelter that needs donations, visitors and souvenir buyers, these little ones will be brought back home to the Waddensea in a while!

O noes! Hold on to the boat! This whale is going to breach us!
Gotcha! Nothing wrong here, but me like to play whale watcher with this gorgeous statue at Ecomare.

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