Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cookie on Safari - again

On Twitter Cookie promised to write something about some animals me had met last weekend. Well... me could get me furry blue paws on the computer today. So here is my new Cookie Report. Remember Cookie went to the Safari zoo? Me written about it on April 2nd. Me really hoped to go and see the animals again during a car safari, so me was thrilled when me got a chance to go there again. This time me was gazed at by this bird with a large beak. It walked up to the car and just started to look inside. Me quickly hid my chocolat chip cookie, because you aren't allowed to feed the animals. Our next stop at the car safari were the cheetahs. Me love them so much. This one was just chillin, lying in the shade, eyeing the cars that drove by really slowly. Me thought that was really special.

Next up was the walking safari. Me loved that, because me has no walking to do, me just fetch a ride on Berries back. Me loved to look at the little old chimps. They just had gotten some food and this little one had collected quite a few veggies to eat. Most animals were really lazy - like the lions, who choose to cuddle a lot. Also the tigers were a little bit lazy, but me did not mind. It was a beautiful day to be lazy, just relaxing in the sunshine. Me was only a little scared at the birds of prey presentation. The man told us that sometimes the big birds like to catch little blue monsters like me. So me hid in Berries photobag - and here me thought big birds were always nice...

Me did encounter a nice giant at the Safari zoo though. Me was very close to an elephant. Don't you just love them? These are African Elephants. They have a smaller head with bigger ears than Asian elephants. Also they have thinner and longer legs. This elephant was playing with a branch. Cute huh!

But the best encounter me had was with a Gorilla who even posed with me for the picture... Nooooo me just kidding! This is not a real gorilla but one of the many statues at the zoo! But the other one was very real. Me don't think me could play with him. He yawned once... my they have big teeth!

Me had really great time! Me hopes to go there again soon.

Buh-bye for now!

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