Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Cookie on Safari!

Usually me let Bert & Ernie go on Safari, but when Berry told me it was going to be fun and totally safe, me dared to go on Safari too. You know in the Netherlands there is a zoo about Africa with all kinds of African animals. You go on Safari there. So me was not afraid to sit in the car and take gorgeous pictures of all kinds of animals during the car safari. And after that me just took a piggyback ride on Berries back during the walk safari. Me thought it was awesome to see all those magnificent animals up close, but me was very happy windows were closed and doors locked when this cheetah was lying just barely 5 feet away from the car!

It was a beautiful day and me saw lots of African and not African animals here. Next time me want to sit up front again, staring in awe at the beautiful creatures that walk mother earth without being afraid the animals will steal my cookies!

Buh-bye for now!

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