Sunday, June 09, 2013

Cookie on a Tiger safari

Normally me would leave the tiger safari to Ernie, but sometimes Cookie feels adventurous enough to go on a tiger watch. Ernie and Me do not really hunt - except when me is hungry me will hunt for cookies at the bakery - but we like to watch animals and learn from them. Besides, me and Ernie are way to scared to really get close to a tiger. Or is me?

Well, me was not afraid of this sleeping tiger at the zoo. She was sleeping at the window and me was glad there are no blue furry monsters on her menu. Cookie could study the tiger up close, bumping me googly eyes on the glass though... Isn't a tiger beautiful? Me loved it. Just look at those big paws! That is why me love to go to the zoo. You can get real close, without disturbing the animals - or get eaten.

Well, buh-bye for now!

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