Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sweet Bear Moekie

Hey there! Me promised to tell you something about the Winter night at DierenPark Amersfoort. Me went there with Berry and her friends on December 27th, right after Christmas. The most Wonderful Park Of The Year, like the zoo called itself, was decorated with lots of Christmas lights, bonfires, campfires for roasting marshmallows and more. We even took a special tour to visit the night homes of the tigers. But there was a special visit included too. At the 100.000 Animal House.

Me love Bears. They are so cuddly and look so sweet. Yes me know they can be really dangerous, but still… Me love watching bears. When me is at a zoo with bears, me can sit in awe for hours watching them basically do not much at all, play in the water, eat, sleep… the bear necessities! At the zoo in Amersfoort where me usually is, me like to visit the bear-family. You got Bolke, the grandma and mom of Moekie, Moekie (you say Mooky) the mom and daughter of Bolke, Peppie and Kokkie (brothers) the sons of Moekie.

Well, it used to be a family of four. Last year in Februari Moekie passed away…

Last December Moekie returned to the zoo as a stuffed animal or a preparation. Berry wanted to visit her and so did me. We both shed a little tear of sadness and joy. You can see me with Moekie in the pictures. The zoo is very happy Moekie returned to them. She is born in Amersfoort, and now she will ‘live’ there forever. It is a beautiful thought, right.

Well, me say bye bye now and until the next time!

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