Monday, January 19, 2015

Fuzzy & Blue Monday

Hey there. Apparently today it is Blue Monday. Well, me Monday’s are always blue, but it means something different. According to a scientific study people experience the third Monday of the year as the most depressing day of the year… O that makes me so saaaad! Me is here to uplift your spirit, because just try to stop smiling if you have a cookie in your hand. So, me will call today Fuzzy and Blue Monday (yeah!).

What to do to make today better when you feel a little blue?
Me have some tips:
- Eat a Cookie
- Go out to play, like at the park, the zoo or playground
- Go cuddle a cute animal
- Watch your favourite movie
- Sing your favourite song all day
- Eat a Cookie
- Embrace your blueness!


O and eat a COOKIE! Om nom nom nom
Happy Blue Monday

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