Monday, July 30, 2018

A whole weekend with friends

Instameets are awesome! After having fun with Richie & Keith and with Jaques & Jaqueline me had a whole weekend of Intstameet fun waiting for me in March. We had a Dutch meet-up with coffee and lunch on March 3 and on March 4 me met up with Snoopy and his lovely Tour de France Nijntje friend. So without further ado, let me tell you more about it!

Plushie Meet Up, March 3

O boy me was so excited! Me was about to meet a lot of Dutch friends! The meet up was organised by Oleg and Friends. We had said to see each other at Utrecht Central Station and then head out for coffee and later on some lunch. Me met the Mouse Trip mice, Teddy Tibbie Travels, Oleg and his friends ofcourse and Brix the Penguin. We went for coffee nearby the station and took over the table hihi. Sadly the mice triplets had to leave early and would no come to lunch with us. But at lunch we were joined by the cute little Jumi! We had a blast. The lunch was soooo nommy. O and me think the humans had fun too. Hihi.

Cuddling Snoopy, March 4

The next day me and our puppy Bassie went to meet Snoppy (Voyage of the Beagle) for a pancake lunch in the city. Bassie really was excited to meet another doggy friend. Especially Snoopy. He is a pup with an attitude (a fun one that is)! Snoopy at first was a little scared and overwhelmed by me hugeness, even our Bassie was huge compared to him and his lil nijntje friend. Snoopy is little and me was little afraid me would sit on him, so instead he sat on me head hihi. We had a lot of fun together. And our humans did too!

Me just love instameets! And you know what? There are more instameet stories me need to tell you! So… Bye bye for now! Me want cookie… Thinking about these lunch dates make me hungry…

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