Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My little lair

Hi again! Remember when me talked about the Rotterdam Zoo and me said Berry took soms other cute pictures of me? Well here is one of me in a cool liar. Well, it actually is a nest, made by a yellow bird. No, not Big Bird, a weaverbird. Me could sit in it for a while to rest, because Diergaarde Blijdorp (the Dutch name of the Rotterdam Zoo) is very big. What do you think of my cozy little nest?

But me saw some other stuff too. Like the big Asian Zen Garden. It was beautiful and soooo quiet. Me could hear the birdies sing, the wind blow through the leaves and just relax. It was a little neccessary too though, because this Amur leopard startled me a bit! It was a nice leopard though, yet a bit cranky because all the kiddies were tapping the glass window. Me would get cranky about that too. But it was a cool animal to watch though.

Well that concludes my adventures at the Rotterdam Zoo. Until next time!

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