Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art made out of Lego

Me was at a very special exposition yesterday. Me thought everything was made out of candy first, but then me looked closely and me could not believe me googly eyes! Everything was made out of LEGO! You know the colorful bricks little monsters like me love to play with. All the art was made by a man named Nathan Sawaya. He was there too with the opening of the exposition. He showed everything around, telling stories about all the pieces he made by himself!

He also showed some pieces loved by children. Like Yellow cause it looks like his guts are spilling out. Me loved the candy coloured painting The Scream and the cute little polar bear. O and as a good Sesame Street Monster me loved the three men with the square, round and piramid head too. There was so much to see!

But me also loved the apples made out of Lego bricks, the huge Dinosaur and The huge Mickey Mouse painting!

The best part is the Play Zone. You can play with Lego's and build your own art. And this guy. He is blue - not fuzzy though - and very nice. You can go and take a picture with him, so me did that too. Nice huh! Only thing missing was a Cookie made out of Lego.

If you want to see more pictures or read about the Art of the Brick in Dutch, than you must visit my friends blog: Writing Berries. She wrote a nice story about it.

Well, bye bye for now.

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Dörte said...

Awww Cookie - thanks for your tip on Instagram - so I take a look here and et voila found this post from you.

Looks really really wonderful - I love the polar bear and the Mickey Mouse painting.

Hugs to Berry & you - have a wonderful Sunday evening