Friday, May 16, 2014

A is for…

Hello! And a Happy Friday to you all. Me decided to start writing about typical Dutch things again, using the alphabet of course – because me is good Sesame Street monster and it is easier to tell about things using the alphabet. This time me promises to complete all 26 letters. So from today until the beginning of November me will blog every Friday about typical Dutch things and treats. Of course me kicks off with the letter A.

A is for… appel, or apple in English. That is basically the same. The Dutch like to use them apples in all kinds of baked treats. Like Appeltaart (apple pie), appelflap (a turnover filled with apples and raisins), appelslofjes (apple slippers, apple pieces in a crunchy crust with powdered sugar and sometimes custard pudding or almond paste), appelbol (appleball, an apple covered in dough) and appelkoek (apple cookie).

Appelflap - Appelkoek - Above: Appeltaart

But me must not forget appelmoes (applesauce, with a touch of cinnamon and in restaurants sometimes you get a cherry on top) and even appelstroop (apple syrup, it is more gooey than syrup though, you can spread it on bread).

Appelmoes - Appelstroop

Wow those are a lot of apple goodies! The Dutch surely like them apples! They even put them in a stew called Hete Bliksem (Hot Lightening, with onions and potatoes). The big apple of the Netherlands also starts with an A: Amsterdam. This is the capital. It got canals, beautiful historic buildings and you can visit a lot of sights.

Hete Bliksem - Amsterdam

Next week me talk about the Letter B! Me can think of a lot of great treats and things starting with the letter B…

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