Friday, May 23, 2014

B is for…

…Berry! Because she is my best friend and she lets me use her laptop to write me Cookie Reports. But Berry also loves the colour blauw (blue). Lucky me. The letter B can stand for a lot of yummy Dutch B-words too. Like bosbes (blueberry) and braam (blackberry). And what about brood (bread), banket (pastries) and beleg (the things you can put on a yummy sandwich). But me rather talk about the treats me can get at a banketbakkerij (pastry bakery). And boy o boy you can get a lot of goodies at the bakkerij (bakery)! (picture of Berry on top!)

Bosbes - Banketbakkerij

Let me start with boterkoek (butter cake) and bonbons (chocolates) filled with cream and marzipan. In the province of Noord-Brabant you can treat yourself to Bossche bollen (large cream puff cake covered in a thick layer of chocolat…). It is the specialty of the city of Den Bosch. Me mouth is watering already! It all is so delicious.

Bonbons – Bossche bol

Then there is also a treat made of fruit and alcohol. It’s more a treat for adults. It is called Boerenjongens (farmer boys) and Boerenmeisjes (farmer girls). Boerenjongens is made of raisins drowned in brandewijn (brandy). Boerenmeisjes are apricots in brandewijn. Sometimes you can buy them mixed together in a glass jar, if so it is called Boerenbruiloft (Farmer’s wedding). It is possible to eat the fruit – but it will make you drunk real quick – or drink the liquid. Mostly it is used in or with pancakes and icecream.

Boerenjongens & Boerenmeisjes – Boterkoek

Well before me gets a little tipsy from all this liquor, me will be focussing on more Cookie Monster friendly treats, like that Bossche bol… Om Nom Nom Nom!

Now me is hungry…
Until next week when me will talk about a very important letter of the alphabet!

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