Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup in South Africa

Hi there football fans! Or should me say Soccer fans cause some part of the world calls football soccer.

In the Netherlands it is called Voetbal (football) and the Orange coloured supporters are celebrating in the streets. Yes! Cause 'we' won twice! First with 2 goals to 0 against Denmark, and yesterday with 1 beautiful goal from Japan. Me loves the football atmosphere: everywhere you can find orange of red, white and blue flags, Beessies (mascot of Albert Heijn a supermarket in the Netherlands), hats, scarfs, feathers... everything. Me love the orange cakes, cookies, crisps and offcourse lemonades! Yes... me even made a new Orange friend, called Groot Beesie, what means Big Animal. He is like a big worm, but he likes to sing and share treats! And we can both yell for 'our' football team!

Hup Holland Hup (or: Go Holland Go!)

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