Monday, June 28, 2010

Morgan the killer whale

Cookie needs to take a minute and tell you guys and girls something really important!
Everybody knows me loves to visit the Dolfinarium, Harderwijk in the Netherlands. Together with Berry, ofcourse. Last Sunday she grabbed me, told me we had to go... cause we had to see the little baby killer whale that is living there since a couple of days.

'How did she came there?' you might ask. And that is a great question. The Killer Whale - now called Morgan (Scottish name, meaning Lives by the sea) - was rescued last week by the great trainers and medical staff of SOS Dolfijn (SOS Dolphin) the rescue department of the Dolfinarium, from the Waddenzee (Wadden Sea). Morgan was starved, alone and ill... that is why the trainers and medical staff decided to just pick her up and take her with them to Harderwijk.

Now she lives there, started eating fish and squid, is treated for a loung infection and can get back to her health, thanks to all the people who are taking care of her.

Morgan the saved killer whale, courtesy of the Dolfinarium, Harderwijk

Cookie went with Berry to feel her presence, because the audience isn't allowed to watch her upclose. That is a good thing, because Morgan first has to get her strength back. Luckily they put up a webcam, so we watched her at the movietheater at the Dolfinarium. We saw her beautiful fin and face... me was in awe!

Me at the theater, totally in awe!

What a magnificent animal! And she is only 3,25 meters long and between 1,5 and 2 years old! Me was in love with Morgan... although me couldn't see her that well... We all hope she will get her strength back very soon. And after that... we will see. The trainers do want to bring her back to the ocean, but if that can happen depends on several factors. Cause she needs to catch her own fish, for one. And where is the family that she belongs too... And maybe she cannot return and she will have to stay. Well... time will be on our side. Priority 1: Morgan needs to get well! And she is in the great capable hands of the trainers and medical staff of SOS Dolfijn & Dolfinarium.

In the meantime... Cookie says bye bye and hopes he will be able to catch a glimpse of Morgan swimming... up close and personal!

Snap shot of the silver screen

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