Monday, April 10, 2017

Earth Hour 2017: Thanks for loving Momma Earth

March 25th we all came together all over the world and celebrated Earth Hour. Me plushie Instagram Friends also joined in, like last year. Thank you all! You made it an Earth Hour to remember again! Me used me plushie friend photos in this blog. Please know they not mine. If you see a picture that belongs to you and you no want to be posted here, let me know. Me will take it down. In the meantime: Enjoy our awesome Earth Hour with me plushie friends from all over the world!


Anonymous said...

Yeahhh! Thank you for your great effort and that's a very nice page!Hopefully with it,everyone will appreciate our mama Earth and be wise while using the limited resources. Love and megafurry hugssss from Elmo and Jia (IG: elmoandjia).

Cookie Monster said...

Thank you so much Jia and Elmo!
Also for joining in this year.
Big hugs
Cookie & Berry

Tipsy Cat Bose said...

A wonderful way to spread such a great idea. Thanks dear for organising it for the cuddly plushie community. Xx

Cookie said...

Aw you are welcome. Me love doing this. Thank you for publishing about it in Pets Mews too! Xx

Tracy Welham said...

Great pics. We normally take part but this year we were out at the theatre so missed it.