Monday, May 25, 2015

Cookie loves art

Me love Art! Me even loves to paint a chocolat chip cookie once in a while. But me also loves to go to a museum and ponder away while looking at statues and paintings. Last week me went to the Van Gogh Museum and to the Statuepark Anningahof because Berry needed to go there for her work. Me tagged along happily ofcourse. Because me sure do Love me some art! Especially when it is this adorable as Grazzly, the grass bear. (photos by: Berry de Nijs)

At the Annigahof there were lots of different statues made by a variety of artists. Me loved that there was art for people who like abstract art, but also there were some things kids would enjoy. Like Grazzly, Little Ponies and these Stacked Airplanes. Me had lots of fun there. All pictures were taken at the Anningahof. It was too crowded to do a Cookie Report picture at the Van Gogh Museum, although that was much fun too. Me love his Sunflowers and Starry Night paintings very much.

Me was singing and humming during these trips. Me sure do love some art

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