Thursday, May 07, 2015

Beware of lions…

Hi there. Me have been travelling around a lot lately and me is keeping a journal, but me no had any time to write a blog about it. So… me start today with a little blog about a zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Me know me said me would blog about Dutch stuff, but me like going to zoos in other countries next to the Netherlands too. And hey, it is me blog, right. This zoo is called ZOOM Erlebniswelt and it is in Gelsenkirchen. It was so beautiful and big, me no did see anything yet, but Berry promised me we would go back soon. Me shall tell a little about it.

First the zoo is divided in three parts: Alaska (or the Arctic with pieces of Alaska, Canada and Greenland), Africa and Asia. Me no have seen Asia yet though. The Alaska part was gorgeous. Me felt like me was a Mountie riding a horse through the Canadian Rockies or something. And it was just like me walked through the Arctic with the Polar Bears and such. Me loved it!

After a nice long walk we grabbed a bite to eat before we go to Africa. Me love Africa wildlife, with the majestic giraffes and crazy chimpanzees. But me love lions too. It felt like me travelled to Africa in just a second of time and me loved it. There was this sign, saying ‘Do not cross, Beware of Lions’. Me was hoping the lions would be in there home instead of walking just out and about. So me was really careful. Until me found the lions. Well, the lionesses. They were so LAZY! Me loved it. Me wanted to jump into the habitat to have a snooze, but Berry told me, me no could do that. They looked cute right. Beware of Lions… me is no going to believe that warning sign no more…

Well, that was my little story about this amazing zoo. Until next time!

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