Monday, January 27, 2014

Sabari, Queen of the Jungle

Okay, me was wondering. Do lions eat little Cookiemonsters? Me no think so, and while me rather leave the tiger spotting to Ernie, me found meself in an old city, with the laundry hanging all around. And some camels and sheep walking around. Me saw some large porcupines and all was fine. But all of a sudden, me was sitting on the floor inside a builing, gaping at this beautiful lioness. But honestly... do lions eat little blue monsters? Cause me was very happy there was glass in between us.

All joking aside. This was a very beautiful, breathtaking moment. Because lioness Sabari was so close, me could almost pet her nose. But there was glass... so me could not ofcourse. She looks real friendly, doesn't she? Well, me loved it. But me was very glad me could crawl back on Berries back cuz me needed a moment to take this all in... wow.

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