Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exclusive: Cookie meets Snuffie

Hi everybody. Me knows me haven't been blogging as much as me wanted too, but me was traveling around much, with Berry for her job. That is really fun, because me saw a lot of cool stuff - and cookies - along the way. Me already Instagrammed that me thinks me found Snuffie (do you already follow me on Instagram? Me would love to meet you there too). Here is the story behind this picture:

Meet Snuffie, well... it is not really Snuffie, because Snuffie lives in Sesame Street. But this is a woolly mammoth statue at the GaiaZOO in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Me was there with Berry for a press event about Poopy Cat - a biological kitty litter box, you can read all about it on her Dutch blog. Which was really fun, because also Lions like to use the Poopy Cat box.

After the event me went siteseeing in the zoo. Me saw some cute leopards, me chilled in the sunshine on the Taiga and me saw Snuffie, the woolly mammoth and a little one. Well... the statues that is. They were part of an prehistoric exhibition. Me loved it. It felt like me was back at Sesame Street for a while. After me said goodbye to Snuffie and his little friend, it was time to go home. But me thinks me will visit them someday soon again.

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