Friday, June 30, 2006


Me knows me have not been writing a lot on my website lately. Well, that is because me has been places. You see, it is Berries summerbreak and me has been tagging along to all kind of nice places. From the city, to the Dolfinarium, to Texel. And that was a trip to tell a nice story about!

Texel is a Dutch island in the Wadden. It is famous for its wool so you can find a lot of sheep over there. Very small, buff looking sheep. Me liked it. They are nice and fuzzy and white.

Me on the ship to TEXEL!

You see, to get to Texel, we (Berry, Silvia and me) had to travel for three hours! First we took the train from Utrecht to Den Helder. Then the bus to the boat. The boat to the island and then again the bus to a place called Ecomare.

Me in the bus to the boat in Den Helder.

This is a nice place in the dunes where you can see the seals. Some seals are picked up after storms and then in the centre they are healed and after that they can go back to their families in the Noord- and Waddensea. It is beautiful work! They also do a lot about enviromenteducation.

Me sitting on a wooden bunny in the dunes.

Me thought the dunes were breathtaking! Luckily Berry brought her digital camera as well, cause now me can post some photo's. The rest has to be developed at the photocenter. So, just take a look for your self, these pictures say enough for now!

And a breathtaking environment.

After visiting the seals, me, Silvia and Berry took the bus on Texel back to Den Burg, the biggest town on the island. There we found a nice restaurant for an early dinner. And then we went back to the boat! It was a lovely day! Needless to say we were a bit tired on our trip back!

Texel is the island of wool and woolen toys, Berry bought a little lamb, with a coat as white as snow. And where ever Berry goes, the lamb would follow too... To Utrecht!

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