Wednesday, July 26, 2006


O boy o boy o boy!
All the chocolat is melting from me chocolat chip cookies! Me fur is wet of sweat and me googly eyes hurt of the sun! Yes people, it is the second heatwave of the summer in Holland. Dutch summers are warm, but now it is plain H-O-T!

Not that me is complaining! Me like the riding in Keevie with all the windows open. Me like the icecreams me eat A LOT lately. And offcourse me like all the roadtrips to Harderwijk! Although me isn't dangling on Berries back, but sitting in her big beach bag, me keep head cool and enjoy the ride!

And so now and then me pops me nose and fur out of the bag and hey... me is sitting on a rock, near the Dolphins. Or in a big stadium watching the dolphins. It is lovely. Me like this heatwave...

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