Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 4

Cookie likes to talk about the next letter in the Dutch alfabet, which is the same letter in all western alfabets, but hey... the words are definitely different.

The next letter - obviously - is the letter D, of Dropjes (Liqourice, see previous post about Dutch Treats) ofcourse. Me like the black sweetsalty candy, but sometimes it can be stuck inside a tooth...

Another real Dutch word with a D is Dakpan (things you put on a roof, there actually aren't fryingpans, thats for sure). The roofs of old houses - but new ones in old styles too - are covered in the terracotta coloured pans. It looks lovely. In a storm, they can be blown away though...

D in Dutch also stands voor Dansen (dancing), Disco (a place you can loose a cookie), Dun gesneden (sliced thinly, were still talking about the Dutch) and last but not least Dag vers (daily fresh), something everybody loves.

Well, Cookie also loves the D of Dopen (dipping) which is very popular to do with cookies. For example you dip (doopt) them in milk... yum... Grown-ups like to dip their cookies also in tea or coffee. It is fun to watch: sometimes half of the cookie stays behind in the drink, because it became to soft! You should see them struggle to get the soft, wet cookie in their mouth, before it breaks of! Loads of fun.

Cookie likes to dip his chocolate chip cookies in milk... YUM!

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