Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cookie & Frights at the Harry Potter expo

Hello everybody, here me is again with yet another blog about Harry Potter. Remember me told ya me went to the press preview of Harry Potter the Exhibition in February? Well, before me visited Star Wars Identities, me and Frights decided to visit the Harry Potter expo again at the end of August, before the expo would leave our city again. Well… we took Berry with us, because someone had to ride her bike to get us there right hee hee. The three of us had a blast again. We even heard Voldemort talk to us in the Chamber of the Dark Arts – That was really scary!

The first time me visited the expo me thought: ‘Frights would love this!’ She is a little Witch Cat right and she was thrilled to come with us to the expo. She especially was interested in the Potions class with the suit of Alan Rickman (yes we adore Professor Snape!). Also she loved all the stuff of Hermione. Like her wand and magic purse. And of course the Yule ball dress! Also, even though Fritghs no likes Professor Umbridge, she did like all the kitties on the plates in her very very VERY pink office. Needless to say Frights really had a blast in the magical world of Harry Potter.

Of course me had a blast too! Me especially had fun hanging out at Hagrid’s cabin again. This big chair is soooo comfy! And me loved to see Dobby, me drooled over all the nommy candies from Hogsmeade and of course me liked to hang out at the Gryffindor Common Room and the bedroom of Ron and Harry. O and Divination Class of course. It one of me fave scenes of The Prisoner of Azkaban. See the tea cup behind me? Berry used that picture to make the Grim form in me tea cup when me was playing Cookie Potter a few weeks ago.

And yes… it was a great morning – again! Me was really happy me could share the visit with me magical friend Frights. She really loved it too. We both were a little sad the exhibition is gone now (since the beginning of September), but we are happy we have these pictures and the great memories. Also, we are rewatching the movies again. Needless to say maybe, but me just love Harry Potter… *sigh*

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raVen Mackay said...

It's me Sid. I'm writing you from mama's account. Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments with us. Prof. Snape is also our favourite. I have his wand!
I hope I can visit one day Hogwards and the HP exhibition in London. Mama visited the Hogwards train many years ago, and inside there was an exhibition too.
Great article. Now I want to watch HP!