Thursday, December 14, 2017

In a Galaxy not so far away – apparently

In a Galaxy far, far away, the world needed to be saved from an evil emperor who wanted to destroy ALL the cookies in the Universe. There was only one googly-eyed hero who could do that. So this fuzzy and blue hero packed his bag full of cookies, jumped on the back of his best friend and together – armed with a photocamera – they went to seek out Yoda so they could learn how to defeat Darth Vader and save ALL the Cookies in the Galaxy… Swoosh… swoosh… heehee.

O boy, o boy, o boy: tell me, you would go and see that movie right? Well, me had the idea that me was in Star Wars meself when me visited Star Wars Identities last September. Berry – ofcourse – went to make a report for her website (for Dutch readers check: and as her trusted sidekick me hopped along with her. And me is glad me did! It was amazing there. C3PO was there and R2-D2. Even BB8 was there! Me saw scary Stormtroopers (me no like them) and also Darth Maul. Me no like him either. JarJar was there and Chewy (sadly there were no Bantha’s), but Darth Vader was there… Luckily me no scared of him! And ofcourse me visited Yoda! Me felt an instant connection between us. Me no sure why…

Star Wars Identities is about growing up. Why do two people who live in the same place (Anniken and Luke) grow up to be such different people? That is the main question of the exhibit. Nurture vs. Nature and the things you do in life where the key subjects. During the exhibit you can experience that yourself by choosing your own identity in the Star Wars universe. Me did not have to do that. Me already know The Force is strong within me. Berry made herself into a music playing fuzzy and blue Ewok. So… me think we matched even better that day! Hee hee.

Needless to say we had loads and loads of fun that day. Me hope you liked to read about it too. If you want to visit the exhibition, it is held in Utrecht, the Netherlands at the Cinemec theatre.

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