Friday, December 29, 2017

Cookie in Belize – sort of…

Hello dear readers. The year is almost over and although me love the winter time, me was shaking from the cold yesterday and today too. Boy, there was loads of icey water coming from the sky! On wintery days like this, me love to sit in me fave chair, get a cup of cocoa and a plate filled with nommy cookies (chocolate chippies, ofcourse) and look at pictures of the Summer. Let me take you with me on me little vacation trip to the warm Mangrove of… no, me did not fly to Belize, but it felt like being in Belize. Why? Well, because Burgers Zoo in Arnhem build a little piece of Belize, just in their own zoo.

It was not a very hot day, but the sun was shining in September when me went to the zoo in Arnhem. Berry and me really were looking forward to this day, because Burgers Zoo had opened a new indoor habitat called the Mangrove. This zoo is very popular because of its special habitats called biotopes. You really feel like being under the sea in the Ocean, you almost feel the warmth of the Dessert and you really feel like being in a Tropical Jungle while exploring the Bush. It very special. So… we had high expectations for the Mangrove. All those expectations were met. The outdoor terrain feels like a tropical beach, with even the outdoor toilets completely styled in the Mangrove theme. The big dome was looking magnificent and… me fell in love with the habitat the moment we walked in.

IT A BUTTERFLY HABITAT! And boy do me love butterflies. They have so many beautiful colours! Me saw orange ones, blue ones, black ones with yellow stripes, transparent ones… they were fluttering happily around in the Mangrove. Me loved it already. Me was really curious though why there was so much water in the habitat.

And then Berry whispered to me: LOOK, Manatees! O boy O boy O boy! Me also looooove manatees. They swim so majestic and are truly beautiful to watch. We have seen two of the three manatees swimming happily around. They were fed with endive and it was really funny to watch how the manatees took the endive in between their front flippers and gobble them down. And we could see it the best at the panoramic window! Oooo me no wanted to leave this beautiful place!

But… we had to, because Burgers Zoo has many, many more beautiful animals. Like the Sumatran tiger, the Asian elephants, the cute nosebears, meerkats and siamang monkeys. O and there are also gorillas, bears, chimpanzees, all kinds of birds and much much more. We had a great day. Especially because Berry adopted a new friend: Molly the Manatee! She is really cute and loves to eat salads. So… more cookies for me! Heehee. If you ever get the chance to go to Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, me say: GO! It beautiful, it very big and there is loads to see.

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