Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cookies Amazing Campingtrip – sort of…

Hey everybody! Me have been on a fun campingtrip last week. Well… sort of. Me went to the Vakantiebeurs here in The Netherlands. Translated you can say the Holiday Fair. It a huge fair that lasts almost a week, where you can get a taste of different cool vacation spots. It really possible to travel the whole world in one day! You will be tired at the end of it, but you have seen it all. It is a great way to experience all kinds of cool things and get a taste of the beautiful world we live in. So… will you come with me on me pretend campingtrip?

Travel log – Cookies personal notes – Tuesday January 9, 2017

After me munched away me breakfast – cookies and milk and a nice sandwich – it was time to go exploring the beautiful campsite me was on. It was nice and had lots of greenery. Me loved it.

After a walk looking at the beautiful plants me went to have a snack in Deventer. They have the real Deventer koek, a nice cake like cookie with real Dutch cookie herbs! It was sooo om nom nommy! Also we hopped on over to Utrecht and me climbed the Dom tower! Me felt a little like King Kong…

The city trips were fun, but me wanted to go swimming! So me went to the beach. It was nearby because there was this beautiful wooden sculpture of a turtle. The beach was beautiful and me got to relax a bit before me got to the waves!

And what waves! COWABUNGA baby! Me could ride this wave ALL DAY! But then me would miss all the fun with Little Red Riding Hood. Yes she was also there. And she had nommy COOOKIES for me!

At the end of me fun packed day, me went back to the campsite where the campfire was already lit. It was much fun, me will go and find me mobile home soon and catch some z’s. Me really loved me one day campingtrip. Me is certain me will go back next year!

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