Friday, December 01, 2017

Me is a Wizard, Hagrid

Do you remember me went to the opening of the Harry Potter expo last February? Do you? No? Well… you can read it in me article You’re a Wizard, Cookie. We loved the expo soooo much me and Frights (and Berry ofcourse, cause we needed a ride) went to see it again in August. Yes… me will tell all about our adventures soon. Me promise! Well… spoiler alert, we had a blast again. So much, me wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween. Pictures of the #cookieislandhalloweenparty2017 can be found on me Instagram account. Thanks to our sweetest German friend and shopping Queen Dörte me got all these cool Harry Potter merch and now me truly feel like Cookie Potter!

O boy o boy! So with Halloween me wore me Hedwig sweater and the glasses and did magic all over the place. Me really is a master of making COO-KIES disappear. Hee hee. But then Halloween came and went… and me wanted to play some more Harry Potter… Thankful another sweet friend on Instagram – her name is Piggy Coquette, go look her up! – is having a COSTUME PLAY GIVE AWAY! Well.. me did not have to think long about that… me dressed up as Harry Potter again. This time Berry made me a black robe, me could use her Hogwarts pin, me could play with Berries handmade Hedwig and… she made a Grim-looking-doggy-like tea leave shape with real tea leafs in me teacup! Cool huh! So me been playing The Prisoner of Azkaban all day long.

It was fun.
Hope you had fun reading this too. Bye bye for now.

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