Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Unboxing: Hope’s Tea Party Parcel

You know Bear Boss Hope from Honeygrove? She hosts the Tea Party Tuesday every Tuesday on Instagram. Also Hope has her own website: HoneyGroveBears.com where she keeps a diary and you can find her cool Tea Party Parcels there. Those are really awesome. She carefully handpicks all the pieces that go in there. Everything is handmade by local artists and such and that makes owning such a box extra special. Hope also puts a lot of thought in the little gifts and themes of the box. Now, me wanted to surprise me bestie Berry, so me borrowed her credit card and bought the Winter Tea Party Parcel for Berry. Together we opened the box and are so delighted with everything that was in the small box! We gonna show you every piece.

Let me see what is in here! Look, even the box is in style!

O Goody! There is a little newspaper in the box. And a fun, sweet Christmas letter.
Me love the Christmas Card too with Hope on it. In the card also was some artwork made by the Lovely Sloth

Okay, what is in here… Oooo a Cookie looking like Hope! And what is smelling so nommy? Its inside this bag… yes it fresh tea… hmmmm that smells soooo good.

And look at this lovely little Hope made by The Craftin Bug. She now lives on Berry her datebook! Also we love these Valentines napkins. It so full of hearts. Staying with the fun Valentines thingy: there are beautiful handmade cards in here. It all looks so beautiful.

And another card! So beautiful. O what is this… lovely presents!

Look in the little bag is an piece of jewelry from the Lovely Sloth in it. Look at the awesome details.

What is in here? Ooo it a handmade Journal. And there even is a special note inside for me. Maybe Berry can knit it hihi. Wow… it a full box of goodies. We love every piece of it. Especially the Hope paperclip, cards, the Journal and the awesome Cookie! It gonna be hard to take a bite of it though.

Berry and me really love the box and all the things in it. We gonna enjoy the tea and all the other things too. Me for sure will go and use the Journal in 2018!

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