Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Cookie at the museum: Urban Larsson

On April 25th 2017 me went to the Mesdag Collectie in The Hague. It a museum near the Peace Palace. This museum is really special. It used to be the home and art studio of the family and artists Mr. and Mrs. Mesdag. They not only artists themselves. They also collected a lot of art. Hence the name: Mesdag Collectie (collection). Their own collection (made and collected) can be admired at their old home. Twice a year the museum organises a special exhibit. This Spring and Summer you can see the magnificent exhibit with the most beautiful artwork made by Urban Larsson

The most special part of the day was that Mr. Larsson was there himself to tell more about his artwork. He also is very good in different art disciplines: portrait, scenery and still life. Not many artists are masters in all these different art types. Me loved his portraits very much. But everything he paints is so real and life like. Me glad he no did make a painting of cookies. Me maybe wanted to eat them…

Me thinks all paintings were wonderful. And yes, me must say again: it are all paintings! Awesome huh!

Byebye for now!

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