Saturday, July 01, 2017

Cookie at the Keukenhof – part 2

Yes me know! Me know! Me is far behind on writing me stories on me blog. Me know. Me sorry. It Berry her fault really. She has been hogging the laptop for months now. Well, me no can complain, because me proud of her working so hard. And me profits from it too. So… no complaining from me. But me sorry it took a while to tell more about the second time me visited Keukenhof. It was April 11th and we went to Lisse because the flowers for the Pope would be blessed that day before they were send off to the Vatican to decorate the square on Easter morning. After the official press moment, we were allowed to visit the rest of the park. And boy did we had fun!

After the first time me was in awe how many flowers were in bloom! Me went to the garden of Rob Verlinden, a famous Dutch garden architect on TV, we went to the Mondriaan/Rietveld garden and posed with all the beautiful flowers too. We also went to the Willem-Alexander pavilion again to admire the many many tulips there. That was lots of fun, because at the pavilion me met Rufus the panda bear from North America! We even posed for a picture together. Cool huh!

This time we visited the Beatrix pavilion – we no saw that last time and the day before the orchid exhibit had opened, so we really wanted to go there. Me no could believe me googly eyes! Me saw so many beautiful orchids. It was amazing. They even had blue orchids on display! They looked amazing. Also surrounded by the many orchids were Dutch Design fashion and furniture. It was a great exhibit!

Well… needless to say it again was a great day. Keukenhof sure is beautiful! Too bad it only is open for 8 weeks a year… But did you know we went a third time too? Yes we did. And Bamboo could come too, to see the tulips. We went a a few days before closing time… But me will tell you about that later. Bye bye for now!


Hope Friend said...

Golly Cookie Monster, these photos of the flowers are amazing. And those Blue Orchids are incredible! I love yours and Berry's adventures through the garden of flowers. Thanks for sharing.

Cookie Monster said...

Hey Hope sweety,

There will even be a third flower adventure! Cool huh.
Big hugs