Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cookie at the Keukenhof - part 3

Hello everybody! Here me is again with the third and last part about me visiting the Keukenhof. You must know, Keukenhof only opens 8 weeks per year in the springtime. The first time on March 21 was because Berry was invited for the opening of the season. The second time on April 11 we went for the opening of the orchid exhibit and the blessing of the flowers for the Vatican. And the third – and sadly last time this season – was on May 18. Berry took her nan and me took Bamboo to admire the flowers. Needless to say they were both in awe with the beauty of Keukenhof.

Berry made sure to take lots of pictures of our little flowerchild Bamboo and of me ofcourse. Bamboo especially loved the yellow and orange tulips. The yellow ones because they matched with his headband. And the orange ones well… because that is his fave colour. Me loved to see his happy face. Ofcourse we tried to see as much of the park as we could. We even went to see the music organ (draaiorgel) and fountain. It was great. And we saw a great expo about Dutch design too. Do you like our camping spot?

Also it was so great to see how different the park was looking at the almost end of the season! The first time there were no much tulips outside, but in the greenhouse it was tulip heaven. The second time it was tulip heaven everywhere in so many colours and the third time we saw all these black and purples and whites and such. It was great. And the greenhouse? It was empty! Well not really empty, but the tulips were gone. Now there were some garden inspiration sites. With nice benches, chairs and such. Also at the pavilion there was a Lily exhibit with framed lily compositions and more. It was amazing.

Bamboo and me had so much fun! We no can choose between the many many pictures we took. Me hope you love the ones we picked out this time. Next year the park will open again on March 22 until May 13. Me sure hope Berry will take us again!

Bye Bye for now!

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