Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cookie at the Museum: ART Amsterdam/KunstRAI 2017

Okay, technically the KunstRAI or Amsterdam ART is no museum. It is an art fair where art collectors, companies and enthusiasts can meet gallery holders and get to experience and discover all kinds of arts. Berry went as an art enthusiast and for her blog (if you can read Dutch, you can find it at Writing Berries) and because me always go with her, me got to come too. And as you know, me love art! And there was so much to see!
(All pictures made by Berry de Nijs)

Me honest: me did no like everything. But there was lots me did like and even love. Me loved the woodcarvings of tigers and such (me no know the artist anymore, sorry). And me really loved the recycle art baboons! They are a little sad too though, because all the parts used to make them were found on the beach. All the recyle art was made by Gilles Cenazandotti. Me thought it was awesome.

Then we went to another gallery where we met up with this amazing Siamese teddy art by Jeanette Janssen. This bear represents that nog everybody is perfect and that being differen also means you are still cuddly and sweet. Well… me thinks that makes the teddies really awesome and perfect. Or pawfect.

Also at the fair we bumped into art that made me really happy: statues made by Marjolijn Mandersloot. She is AWESOME. The first time me discovered her art was at Beeldentuin Anningahof (a statuegarden). Me fell in love with her Grazzly bear. If you no remember, me wrote a fun blog about it. At ART Amsterdam me met up with a huge bunny, three white yeti’s (or gorilla’s) called Hunks, the little Apr├Ęs-ski piggy, a sweet bronze bear, a cheetah and black panther and… a hippo called Sleeping Bag. It kinda looked like me friends Jennie and Bubbles!

Well, that was me story about KunstRAI. Me hope you liked it. Next time me will tell you more about some awesome Zoo visits. Until next time. Bye bye for now!

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