Friday, November 10, 2017

Cookie loves Texel – vacation 2017

WHOA it been a while since me got the time to write some blogs! Berry is helping me planning it out, so no worries, me no have left yet. It been a while too since me has been on vacation. Me had a great time on Texel (again) this year. Me visited the seals at Ecomare again, but also for the first time went to Texel Zoo. If you are Dutch or can read Dutch, me want to recommend the articles me bestie Berry has written for her blog Writing Berries about our vacation on the island (just visit: too. Me gonna tell you about our great week on this Dutch island this week. Me hope you like it.

Me love the beach. It one of the best things to do at Texel. This year we also had a fun photoshoot at the beach, because Berry made some hats and scarfs for me little friends for Plushie Fashionweek. Me will tell more about that next week or so. But it was fun. Coral enjoyed some ocean time too, as did Mackenzie in his yellow swimming gear. Yes, also handmade. We had loads of fun that evening at the beach of Paal 21 near De Koog. Even though it was really windy and me unicorn floatie almost blew away.

But also me did some good. At another beach we helped cleaning up a bit. A lot of junk floods the oceans and beaches. So if you can and help a little bit out, nature will be very thankful!

This year we went to a lot of fun museums and stuff. Me visited the Juttersmuseum Flora at De Koog. That was fun and a bit sad. This museum has so much stuff in it that is found at the beaches of Texel. It was all washed ashore from the sea. Think about ropes, helmets, bikes, carparts, toothbrushes, some plushies and toys even! It was a googly eye-opener! They also had an expo about art made of flip flops, which was very cool. Just look at this amazing elephant! It was really confronting to see all that junk though...

Also we went to Kaap Skil in Oudeschild. This is a historic museum about the fishermen’s lives on Texel. There was a huge model with awesome ships – not to play with! – telling the history of the Reede of Texel (the armada of ships) in the basement of the museum. Outside there is a little village, with old fashioned homes, an outhouse and ofcourse a bakery! Nommy!

For the first time Berry and me visited Texel Zoo. A little zoo at Oosterend with loads of owls, butterflies, turtles, prairiedogs, meerkats, possums (yes! They looked so cute), little monkeys and loads of tropical birds. Me really loved it there. It not big, but there is lots to see. And it was very warm, because it was inside mostly. They also do birds of prey presentations, but we did not stick around for that.

Berry and me also visited ecomare, me have told you about it before right. Yes me did! Me told about this hospital for seals and seabirds two years ago as part of me vacation blogs: Vacation Blog part III – ecomare. Ofcourse we visited the seals this year. And there was a fun expo about the Wadden. Me really loved to talk to a seal!

All that traveling and going out surely gives a little monster a HUUUUGE appetite. Luckily we had gelato every day and me could have lots of nommy cakes and other goodies. So to conclude me story about the vacation, here are some om nom nommies to share… Like carrot cake me had at ecomare, apple pie and coffee from Den Burg and the very nommy Italian gelato from De Koog… oooo me want to go back! Me happy me have so much nommy pictures to enjoy all the good things me had on Texel! Me hope you like it all too!

O ofcourse me made loads of pictures that we no can show here right now, because me blog would be waaaay to long if me did. Me will make some collages soon. They will be uploaded to me Facebook page. So please go ahead and give me a like and you will see the collages real soon. Bye bye for now!

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