Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cookie loves panda bears

You know me love going to the zoo, right? Well in the Netherlands we have lots of zoos. One even more special than the other. One of me fave zoos is Ouwehands Dierenpark, because they have this amazing bearforest and polar bears and penguins, gorillas and African elephants and… panda bears! They live here since this Spring and are called Wu Wen (the girl) and Xing Ya (the boy). Ofcourse me went to visit them. It a while ago though, but me wanted to show you anyways. It was amazing. These bears are so beautiful!

The habitat looks amazing too, it like a huuuge Chinese palace with dragons and lanterns and stuff. Also there is a Chinese restaurant and a gift shop where we adopted our own Wu Wen and Berry bought a Panda bag. Cool huh!

Me hope to go and visit again soon! Me loved it.

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