Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Instameets at Keukenhof 2018

Me love Keukenhof – but me bet you knew that already. It too bad me have to wait till next year for the Tulip Gardens to open again. But, in the meantime me have lots of great pictures and memories to look back on from this year. Me was lucky enough to have visited the Keukenhof 5 times this year: 3 times for Berry her work/blog and 2 times with friends for instameet (and one in prompt instameet hihi). This week me will tell you all about the Keukenhof visits. Me start with the instameets.

April 15: Meeting with Snoopy, Pigtailear and Icebertha

The first instameet at Keukenhof was in April. Me met with Snoopy (Voyage of the Beagle) on Utrecht Central Station because we took the train and a special Keukenhof bus from Schiphol to get at the Tulip Gardens. Because Snoopy is very small – compared to me size wise that is, cuz he makes it up in personality! – we brought a tiny me for him to chat with on the train. After a bus detour to Keukenhof me got so excited to meet Pigtailear and Icebertha for the first time. It was so cool!

Also size wise Pigtailear and Icebertha are smaller than me (they and Snoopy fitted in me pockets) and they played all kinds of hide-and-seek tricks on me in the flowers. But that was okay. We had so much fun. Also we had cake and coffee and Pigtailear even brought presents! We found all these very cool spots to take our pictures. And little Cookie me was the perfect size for that too. It was a great day!

April 21: Meeting Mouse Lily

It no was planned, but Berry and me met Mouse Lily and her lovely human at the day of the Flowercorso (me will tell more about that later this week). Berry was posting a picture of me on Instagram that day and while scrolling through me timeline we saw Mouse Lily was at Keukenhof too! So we seized the opportunity for a quick hug and picture. We found them at the Willem Alexander Pavillion at the heart of Keukenhof. Here the most colourful tulips are shown to all the visitors. We met at the LOVE stand and took a nice picture together. Me hope to meet Mouse Lily again so we can spend a little more time together. It was very fun though!

May 11: Meeting Jennie, her friends, Snoopy and Ezel

O boy O boy, this Instameet was one our little Halloween Witch Cat Frights had been looking forward to for a loooong time. You have to know she and Jennie – our little American hippo friend – are some kind of besties already. So she – and me – was rather excited. Also we would meet Ezel and his girl there. But before all of that could happen we picked up Snoopy and his human and we drove to Keukenhof together. We had agreed to meet at the colourful garden me had dubbed the Toy Garden. It was so much fun! Jennie and her friends brought such amazing gifts! And Berry was so happy she fitted the sweater we made.

After that it was time to have some serious fun at Keukenhof! We made a lot of pictures (and got a lot of attention too). We even almost got peed on by a sweet curious dog! Frights and Jennie were also out and about playing Witches of Keukenhof. They looked so cute together. We all had big fun. But me thinks the pictures speak for themselves right?

Keukenhof is a cool place to hang out with your friends. The flowers make a beautiful backdrop for us plushies. It makes it even more magical. Me love it there. If you want to visit Keukenhof, it only opens 8 weeks per year in Spring time in the Netherlands. So check Keukenhof.nl for more details.

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