Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Open House

Two weeks ago, on a saturday, me went to the Open House day of FC Utrecht. It was loads of fun! Berry bought a new playersshirt (one of the goalie) which is just as blue as my fur! So, when Berry is wearing a red jacket - what she normally does - and me is wearing my red shirt, then we are looking like twins! It is true.

What also was fun was that during the introductions of the players, me was allowed to sit on the business seats. And from there, me could see my seat at the opposite side of the stadium! It was nice to see everything like this! Me applauded loudly for our boys in red and me got a nice flag to wave around. It really was a nice day out.

The football season has started last week, unfortunately FC Utrecht lost from Willem II at the stadium of Willem II. Next saturday they will play in Utrecht, so, me is gonna have loads of fun... and cookies!

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