Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Visiting Gaja-Fleur

Last saturday me visited Gaja-Fleur, the babygirl of Maureen, Berries best friend.
It was real fun. Gaja-Fleur was eating some mashed apples - which looked truly delicious - and after that me could sit with her in her chair. It was loads of fun. Until she started eating my eye... well who could blame her? Me googly eyes ARE delicious too... Berry had been playing with her later on in the afternoon. Driving her around in her walkingchair. It looked like fun too. But hey, Berry drives me around in het VW Beetle, so, me is not complaining! Well, it was a very fun afternoon, and the little Gaja-Fleur is really sweet! Me is going to visit more often and maybe, me is allowed to taste some of the mashed apple... mjam.


Anonymous said...

.... and Gaja-Fleur is still a very nice girl to see. Please make a poll to choose between those two.

Cookie Monster said...

Me no like polls. Me like to eat them, with a glass of milk and some chocolat sprinkles on top...

Love, Cookie

By the way: who is anonymous? The famous poet???