Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dutch Alfabet - 1

Today, me starts with typical Dutch things. And because me lives on Sesame Street, me like to do so in ABC. Me starts with the letter A.

A is for Appeltaart (Apple pie)

The Dutch like appeltaart. It is the same as apple pie all over the world. But still, it is very Dutch. The best apple pie has a thick crust and a closed top, so you no can see the filling. Inside the dough there are all kinds of applepieces and raisins. Sometimes almonds or pecannuts. But that is not very old fashioned Dutch.

The Dutch like to put a single dot of whipped cream on top... hmmmmmm.

Talking about apple pie makes me hungry...

Other real Dutch things with an A are: Appelmoes (Apple sauce) in combination with chicken and fries, or Appelstroop (Apple syrup) with loads of iron! In a tin can, to put on your sandwich. Delicious.

In the Dutch ABC the A can also stand for Amsterdam, but Berry doesn't want me to talk about it - because of a certain soccerteam. And because me is a FC Utrecht hooligan, me no talk about it too. Though, Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands. They have an old city, with nice old buildings.

Well byebye for now!

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